Travel Encounters

“The lady in the white dress.”

While in South Carolina for an anniversary session this past weekend, my husband and I also got to spend a little time on the Isle of Palms, South Carolina beach.

The last day we were there, we had a lovely dinner at Sesame Burgers and Beer (which is amazing btw) then took the tripod out for some evening photos on the beach.


As we were wrapping up, I saw a woman and her cat walking near the sand dunes. We had seen several dogs this trip, but cats, especially on the beach, is not something you see everyday. Ironically, I am allergic to cats, but I told Jordan I wanted to photograph her. I ran over to her and (assured her I wasn’t crazy) and explained I was a professional photographer and asked to take her photo. She agreed. I did not catch where she from. There was a small language barrier, but we didn’t need many words to understand I guess.


Her accent was beautiful. Her white dress and sun behind her was perfect. She was totally in love with this cat. I couldn’t help myself but to document it.

I love how animals make us smile and bring us so much joy.




Part of my dream is to photograph people all over the world as I travel and shoot weddings. To see and photograph love all over the US and beyond. Those I know and don’t. Ive been inspired to photograph not just my dear clients, but also strangers. To tell stories.
So far the last two years Ive been to CA, FL, NC, Ohio, KY, and SC to document love stories. With Jamaica on the list for this year too, I know my lens can take me anywhere.

So I guess this is one of my first stories.



Nice to meet you, Emilie and Gizmo. 

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